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Frustrated from a bricked Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II? Not sure how to fix it or get back to the original firmware? Let us take care of this for you with the Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II Brick FIX! NOTE: WE NOW SUPPORT HARD BRICKED Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II’s. IF YOUR PHONE WON’T POWER ON AT ALL, WE CAN STILL FIX IT!

MobileTechVideos.COM is currently the only shop in the world to offer service on this phone and was the WORLD'S FIRST shop to reverse engineer the repair.

You will receive a message at your account inbox (account created during order process) on directions with details on HOW and WHERE to ship your device.

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  1. Fast, Safe, Very Professional.

    Posted by Fred Steinmiller on 14th Oct 2013

    Great job fixing my phone. Turnaround was exactly as promised. I will definitely recommend this service to anyone.

  2. Recommended

    Posted by David Kulzer on 24th Sep 2013

    I bought this service for my Epic 4g Touch that wouldn't turn on. The blue LED would light up but nothing else would happen. They were not able to fix it because some internal memory part fried but they kept me informed about the status the whole time. I got my refund in 2 days I think. The only loss was the $5.80 I paid to ship it to them. Thanks for trying and I would recommend this company if you need a phone repaired.

  3. good repair

    Posted by steven grieder on 15th Aug 2013

    Great job un bricking and turnaround time. I paid for root service though, and although superuser was on the phone it wasn't rooted. Oh well. I will use you guys in future for bricked device, but I will not pay for additional services. Still, not complaining I know how to root my device and even all said, was still cheaper than insurance claim.

  4. Did everything needed...and on time.

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd May 2013

    Delivered work on time. Kept informed of progress,from Texas receipt to return shipping info. Good, efficient operation.

  5. Saved the day!

    Posted by Livingbreath on 16th May 2013

    Sent phone in as a last resort before i bought a new one. I was half convinced it was unrepairable.
    Well they unbricked it, AND repaired the USB port, which i didn't even know was messed up.
    They were very nice, responsive, and quick.

    If you are looking for options to repair your phone, I would recommend these guys.

  6. Did a great job in unbricking, but!

    Posted by Vu on 11th May 2013

    Its not rooted at all when I paid for it.

  7. Great Customer Service!

    Posted by sparky on 24th Apr 2013

    I sent my Galaxy 2 Epic $G (Sprint) for repair after i got a dead screen and no further action was available to me.

    After diagnosing the problem as a faulty component in the phone, I was promptly REFUNDED all my costs minus the shipping fee to return my phone.

    I couldn't be more pleased, other than a dead phone, with the service provided and will recommend this company to everyone in meed of phone repair.

  8. Unbricked my Samsung Epic Touch 4G/

    Posted by Cyrus on 25th Mar 2013

    I saw their video on Youtube and looked up the website and decided to send it in. I am glad I did, they unbricked my phone and put the rom I wanted on my phone. And I got my phone back within a week.

    Thanks Guys excellent work.

  9. Unbricked the phone, but...

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Feb 2013

    The good : My phone got unbricked. Yay!

    The bad : I paid for plain vanilla Android to be loaded onto the phone. Instead I got Cyanogenmod. How hard is it to put the ROM I asked for on the phone? What's worse, the wrong Google Apps package was loaded with CM so the keyboard, play store, and profile manager did not work. Without a working keyboard, the phone is almost unusable. I ended up having to flash my own ROM on there, which is exactly what I didn't want to do since I bricked it last time I tried.

    MobileTechVideos.COM Reply:

    We feel this review is a bit unfair as what you asked for does not exist. There is no such thing as a non-Sprint version of "Stock Android" for the phone. Therefore, we went with your request using the base latest stock Android Open Source Project ROM which would be CyanogenMOD. With that said, I apologize on the GAPPS installation as GAPPS are typically universal and we are unsure as to what would have caused that glitch. For reference, this is the comment request we worked off of:

    "I would like this phone to be flashed with base (stock) Android. The latest version that will work on my phone. I do NOT want it to be flashed with the Sprint-flavored Android that was on there."

  10. Great job! Phone is back in working order

    Posted by Jason D on 2nd Feb 2013

    I accidentally loaded the incorrect firmware for my Samsung Galaxy S2 and bricked it. MobileTechVideos got it flashed back to factory and it's working great now. Thank you!

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Samsung Galaxy S II (Sprint / Virgin Mobile) JTAG Brick Repair


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Samsung Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II - JTAG Service (Debricking/Unbrick/Brick FIX) 03:40

MobileTechVideos.COM is currently the only shop in the world to offer service on this phone and was the WORLD'S FIRST shop to reverse engineer the repair.Buy your Brick service from us here. We are one of the ONLY USA shops to do this as well as the MOST POPULAR SOURCE. See why 1000's trust us with their phones and subscribe...http://mobiletechvideos.mybigcommerce.com/samsung-epic-4g-touch/Main Services Page:http://www.mobiletechvideos.com/blog/?page_id=374This is a preview promotion of what's involved in our debricking process. All phones follow a similar procedure. DO NOT TRY THIS AT ON YOUR OWN. I'm trained in small electronics and familiar with all the steps. It's very easy to damage components, small connectors and other parts during this process.Check us out on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/MobileTechVideos/182579981788132Check us out on Twitter:http://twitter.com/#!/MobileTechVids

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    MobileTechVideos.COM is currently the only shop in the world t...
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